Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master 116622 Swiss Replica Watch

Rolex is divided into Submariner series, Day-Date series, Yacht-Master series, Daytona series, etc., and today we are discussing Rolex Yacht-Master series. Rolex’s position in the hearts of watch fans is critical, and it is a classic irreplaceable, even replica Rolex watches, it has become the target of many watch fans. Today, this article and everyone will talk about the particular Rolex Yacht-Master 116622 replica watch, so that everyone can more clearly understand this unique Rolex replica watch.

This replica Rolex watch has a size of 40mm and is made of 904 steel. The size is similar to that of the Rolex Submariner series. However, due to design reasons, the visual size effect of this Rolex Yacht-Master 116622 is not very large. The outer ring of this genuine Rolex watch is made of platinum, and our Rolex replica watches use the same sandblasting and polishing techniques as the original. To improve the refractive index of the outer ring, a layer of zinc material is plated on the polished place. This high-quality replica watch is basically visually consistent with the original.

The overall glass of this replica Rolex watch uses a high-density sapphire mirror, which is very transparent and scratch-resistant. Under the high-transparency mirror, you can see that the font of this high-quality replica watch face is also very clear, the calendar window is bluish blue. And there is a laser-engraved Rolex five-claw crown on the mirror at the 30 scale position of the digital circle of the watch. This detail can be distinguished from many low-imitation Rolex watches.

This replica Rolex watch is a brushed and polished design, and the two-way rotatable outer ring gear design, the polishing effect is perfect. The details of this top replica Rolex Yacht-Master watches are excellent, both in terms of workmanship and quality is extremely outstanding, it is a high-quality replica Rolex watch with very high-cost performance.

The second hand of this replica Rolex watch is blue, echoing the blue font YACHT-MASTER above the 6 o’clock position. The blue typeface and the white typeface below have a 3D concave and convex feeling, and the gap between the Mercedes-Benz hands is clear. The overall luminous effect of the watch is very symmetrical, including the fullness of the luminous treatment.

The movement adopts the 3135 movement imitation 2836 movement, the appearance is very similar to the genuine movement, and the function is consistent with the genuine one. This movement has been used in many different series of high-quality Rolex replica watches. The overall waterproof strength of this replica watch can meet the needs of daily life. There are two black rubber ring openings on the bottom cover and crown. Through this rubber ring opening, the waterproof effect is strengthened. But remember not to wear a steam sauna during use, water vapor is very harmful to replica watches.

The buckle adopts the Oyster-style safety folding buckle, the five-claw crown LOGO inlaid in the buckle position is very three-dimensional, and the easy-adjusting extension system is equipped to facilitate the divers to operate. The screw-in handle is specially designed for diving, the three-dimensional effect of the LOGO at the crown is obvious, and the edges and corners are sharply processed. All in all, this Rolex Yacht-Master replica watch is very cost-effective, very suitable for people who are new to replica watches; it is a high-quality and cheap Swiss replica watch.

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