The Best Replica Breitling Avenger Blackbird V1731110 Automatic Watch

For Breitling watches, most people’s impression is the style full of men’s charm. Today this article introduces you to the Breitling Avenger Blackbird V1731110 replica watch, which is always a hot fighter in the watch market. The cool titanium alloy case and anthracite-colored Military strap show the brand’s masculine charm and bring a light, comfortable and convenient experience.

Our Breitling Avenger Blackbird V1731110 replica watch uses a carbon black titanium case with a matte black dial, and the sturdy and domineering unidirectional rotating bezel uses a lettering design to continue the characteristics of the series. Classic big three-pin design with red calendar window frame at 3 o’clock. This Breitling Avenger Blackbird V1731110 replica watch as a member of the pilot’s watch, its dial, hands, luminous and time scales, and other elements are unique, and all are based on clear reading as the basic requirement.

This replica Breitling watch measures 44mmX12.7mm, perfectly matching the original size. The deep gun color shell coating adopts vacuum ion plating technology (using high pressure to press the color into the titanium alloy) to increase the density and hardness of the coating so that the watch has the quality to overcome all difficult environments and never fade. The luminous bead color of the watch ring is synchronized with the authentic one, and a piece of sapphire crystal glass is attached to the luminous bead.

The watch mirror is made of blue-coated sapphire crystal glass, and the double-sided light blue high-transparency coating is extremely transparent. The calendar font and the logo on the disk are slightly stereoscopic when viewed from the side. The background pattern of the watch face has been filtered and corrected numerous times to ensure a 100% match with the original. The Breitling metal LOGO above the watch face is comparable to the original in terms of three-dimensionality and roundness.

The thickness of the bezel is consistent with the original, and the size and style of the lettering on the watch ring mouth are the same as the original. The replica watch has a fully enclosed bottom design, and the stainless steel bottom cover is also engraved with a beautiful Breitling pattern. It is equipped with a Seagull 2824 automatic mechanical movement inside. The shape of the movement is very similar to that of the Swiss movement. The movement is stable and reliable.

This replica Breitling watch is paired with military nylon straps for easy and comfortable wearing. The buckle is also made of titanium alloy. All in all, this Breitling Avenger Blackbird V1731110 replica watch astounds everyone. From the inside to the outside, every detail shows meticulous craftsmanship. It is almost the same as the genuine one. It represents the peak level of the current watch replication industry and is highly recommended.

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