Retro Panerai Radiomir PAM519 Limited Edition Chronograph Replica Watch

For Panerai, domineering and high recognition is the brand’s logo. The very few retro, chronograph, and nostalgic styles on the market seem to be inseparable from Panerai! For watch friends who like retro styles and need multi-functions, they are often searching hard. Today this article brings you an extremely rare replica Panerai Radiomir series PAM519 limited chronograph. Let us understand the workmanship of this domineering and retro-style watch how it is?

This replica Panerai PAM519 watch has a diameter of 45 mm. There are also PAM518 and PAM520 watches in the same series. There is no real difference between the three watches, and only the colors are different! Let’s take PAM519 as an example to analyze! The lines of this Panerai replica watch case are elegant and straightforward, which witnesses the process of Panerai’s transformation from the classic 1940 Radiomir design with a classic pillowcase and linear lugs to a more rigid and sturdy Luminor 1950 case design.

The dial design of the Panerai PAM519 replica watch is very retro. The history of the brand inspires it. At the same time, taking into account the functionality, there are subtle differences between the different material case watches. The rose gold model is equipped with a brown dial, which is mixed with round hour markers, Roman numerals, and Arabic numerals.

The Radiomir watch made in 1936 used this dial design called “California,”; while the PAM518 uses an ivory dial with simple bar or dot hour markers, and the PAM520 uses a black dial to present the same design. The dial of the latter adopts a sandwich structure, which is composed of two overlapping discs, and the luminous material contained in it can be seen through the holes corresponding to the time scale to read the time.

All three replica watches have a minute counter at 3 o’clock, a small seconds at 9 o’clock, and a chronograph second hand in the center. The speed scale is set on the edge of the dial, which is different from many other Panerai watches. Although these three watches belong to the chronograph mechanical watch, they don’t have that thick style, which is in line with the style of the Radiomir series.

The polishing process on the front side is very delicate, the appearance is polished and curved, and the chamfered parts are also beautifully processed. Especially the combination of the sharp corners of the lugs and the thickness of the case make this Panerai The appearance of the PAM519 replica watch looks more like a genuine one!

The replica Panerai PAM519 watch uses the ST19 manual chronograph mechanism, and the ST19 series movement is the seagull chronograph movement. The seagull has been in production for some years, and the technology is very mature. The appearance of the movement imitates the movement of Venus 175. The column guide wheel chronograph design movement is very stable.

The leather strap of this replica Panerai PAM519 watch is very retro in color, and the exquisite workmanship can be seen from the strict stitching on both sides. Coupled with the classic folding buckle design that is rare in the market, it is safer, more reliable, simple, and convenient to wear!

Panerai PAM519, PAM518, PAM520 with a unique retro design style and multi-function timing dial, inherited all the classic characteristics of the brand. The superb watch reproduction process makes these three replica Panerai watches have a very high degree of appearance reduction, regardless of appearance and movement.

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