Omega Seamaster Edizione Venezia Swiss Replica Watch For Sale

Most watch fans may know that the Omega Seamaster series is defined by its highly symbolic symbol “Hippocampus.” Since 1957, this iconic logo has been engraved on the back of most Seamaster timepieces. However, only a few people know the origin of this sign. During a trip to visit the city of Venice, Italy, a member of the Omega design department was struck by the famous Gondolas (Venice special vessels) and the beautiful sculptures of sea horses on both sides of the hull. In this way, the totem mark of the Omega Seamaster series appeared logically.

Nowadays, in memory of this history and the entire hippocampus series, Omega in Switzerland has launched an exquisite vintage timepiece that is only “exclusively sold” in Venice. Although the sales in Venice only made the watch fans helpless, the emergence of replica watches, these watch fans have found a perfect replacement in their hearts. In this article, this watch will share with you this Omega Seamaster Edizione Venezia replica watch!

This Omega Seamaster Edizione Venezia replica watch looks stunning! It is not the same as any of the current Seamaster series. Most of the Omega Seamaster series are sporty and masculine diving watches (such as the Seamaster 300 or Planet Ocean 600, etc.). However, when we review the early Omega Seamaster series, we will find that many style designs are straightforward and stylish and also very elegant.

This Omega Edizione Venezia replica watch uses a traditional “lyre” case. The brushing and polishing process on the surface of the case is excellent and combined with the thin and polished watch bezel, and it shows an unparalleled exquisite beauty. The size of the case is only 39.5mm. Compared with the most Omega formal watch, this size is very suitable and can meet the wrist circumference of most men. The design theme of Venice also extends to the spherical crown, which is very similar to the dome of the Basilica of San Marco in Venice!

The LOGO on the crown is engraved clearly and finely, the pits are polished neatly, and the depth is consistent, and after polishing, the texture is full. The side metal drawing process is delicate and chamfered, and the feel is delicate! The radian of the lugs is perfect, consistent with the authentic effect, and perfectly linked to the strap. The bottom of this Omega replica watch is a transparent design, and the logo of the hippocampus is placed in the center of the laser engraving.

This perfect replica watch is equipped with Cal.8801 automatic mechanical movement, with stable quality and excellent performance. With Italian cowhide strap, the slub pattern on the strap is clear and delicate, and the lines are stitched tightly and neatly. And the strap is soft and comfortable, fit the wrist. The stainless steel buckle is also polished and polished, with a full texture and exquisite workmanship. The buckle can be interchanged with the genuine one.

This Omega Seamaster Edizione Venezia special edition replica watch has exquisite workmanship, a gentleman appearance, a strong body proportion, and a texture that is completely loyal to retro! Provide another sporty and casual choice for the sporty Omega replica market!

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