Bell & Ross BR0392 Instruments Diver Automatic Mens Replica Watch

The Bell & Ross square case has already become the characteristic design of the brand and is deeply imprinted in everyone’s mind. In addition to the distinctive case shape, Bell & Ross also has excellent performance, so the replica watch of the brand is particularly strict with the quality test! Today this article brings you a high-quality replica Bell & Ross Diver BR03-92 square watch, let us see how the quality of this rigorously made diving replica Swiss watch?

This replica Bell & Ross Diver BR03-92 watch has a diameter of 42 mm and is equipped with an anti-glare sapphire crystal. The dark black dial with hollow metal inlaid hour markers, filled with white Superluminova luminous material, through the black dial and white time indicator system contrast effect to ensure higher readability. The orange hour hand and the minute hand with white Superluminova luminous material make it easy to distinguish quickly.

The second hand is also coated with white Superluminova luminous material to ensure that the watch works correctly, even underwater. The bezel design of this replica Bell & Ross watch is also very attentive. It is designed for professional divers and can quickly calculate the unidirectional rotation of the underwater timetable bezel (the watch can only rotate counterclockwise in one direction) to prevent loss of reference. If the watch bezel is turned accidentally, the bezel will automatically shorten the dive time to avoid divers taking risks.

This replica Bell & Ross BR03-92 diving watch uses a sapphire crystal glass mirror with anti-glare coating and a thickness of 2.85 mm to improve the perfect waterproof performance. The case is made of stainless steel to provide protection for the watch to withstand severe underwater exploration conditions and ensure its complex mechanical mechanism and functionality. The case is reinforced with a thick back to further ensure extremely high waterproof performance.

This Bell & Ross BR03-92 replica watch uses a replica self-winding mechanical movement. The bottom is sealed design, and the watch waterproof performance can reach 100 meters, excellent performance meets all daily needs! The Bell & Ross logo on the bottom cover and the lettering on the bottom is clearly visible, the intensity of the lettering is also in place, and the brushed treatment is very textured. It is matching the original textured rubber strap with a stainless steel pin buckle, designed for underwater use.

Bell & Ross, as a watch that focuses on military quality, its variety has always been amazing, and our high-quality replica watch also achieves such excellent workmanship! Friends who like high-performance replica dive watches can consider this high-quality replica watch!

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