Perfect Panerai Radiomir 3 Days Acciaio PAM 00687 Vintage Replica Watch

Panerai PAM 00687 is a more outstanding Panerai watch in recent years. The origin of this watch is based on Radiomir 3646, which Panerai provided to the Italian Navy in the 1930s as a prototype watch. Panerai Radiomir 3646 is a watch with a 12 polygons bezel, bezel engraving, and a Rolex movement. Engraved on the bezel is “Officine Panerai-Brevettato.”

This replica Panerai PAM 00687 introduced to you today is a modern model made based on this Panerai Radiomir 3646 watch in history. In fact, the watch models produced are PAM 687 and PAM685. The dial of the 687 is gradual brown, which mimics the oxidation and discoloration of the antique dial, so it is intentionally made into a brown oxidized dial. And the Panerai PAM685 retains the original black dial.

We all know that because the appropriate watchmaking technology in the past is not in place, the lacquer and luminous paint on the watch dial will change color over time. White will become light yellow, and black will become brown. This brown color is like a “sun-baked” color, so it is called a “tropical plate dial.” This gradual color watch dial has increased the value of the watch itself and has a retro feel.

This Panerai PAM 00687 replica watch intentionally made the dial into an oxidized brown, so it has been sought after by many people. The market price of genuine watches has exceeded more than 10,000 US dollars, which exceeds the public price, indicating how fashionable this watch is. The price of our Panerai PAM 00687 replica watch is very low, and the quality and color are comparable to the authentic ones, which is very worth buying.

This replica Panerai watch has a diameter of 47mm and uses a 316L stainless steel case. The bezel is composed of 12 polygons, and the lettering is clear and powerful. Imported acrylic PAAM (polymethyl methacrylate) brings the highest level of transparency and smoothness. The bottom cover glass uses sapphire crystal glass to match the original. The movement adopts the Seagull 6487 manual movement, which is excellent in appearance and durability. This replica watch has a simple dial, only hour and minute hands, which is also a sign of Pei Panerai’s special style and limited edition.

This cost-effective replica Panerai watch perfectly achieves a 1:1 restoration of the authentic look. No matter what essential occasions you attend, it will not be found by other people as an imitation watch after wearing it. And this cheap, high-quality replica watch only needs to pay 20% of the price of the authentic, and you can buy a watch that meets our heart, the king of proper cost performance.

This Panerai replica watch uses a new gradient brown dial, showing a more distinctive style than the black dial. The large diameter of 47 mm is domineering, and the transparent anti-wear sapphire mirror just provides a perfect visual experience. With a brown leather strap, it is more retro-looking, and the luminous effect is also very sharp. This replica Panerai PAM 00687 watch is really a very valuable replica watch!

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